Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dance Magazine Video of the Month - Warewolf

Here is one of the contestants for the Dance Magazine Video of the month. I'm loving the interesting choreography and brilliant execution of the steps. Remember - it's not just the steps you're given but the way you interpret and execute them. The DANCER is the one who breathes life into the choreography. Find your own voice in each of your dances this year and lose yourself in the music and the dance.

Audition for Paula Abdul's Reality Dance Show!

Missed the "So You Think You Can Dance" auditions or didn't make it? Now here's another opportunity to get your 15 minutes of fame on Paula Abdul's new reality dance show on CBS. Auditions will take place at the end of September/beginning of October (no definite dates yet) in New York and Los Angeles.

Here's the website to register:

What is she looking for?
"We'll be searching across the country to find dancers that not only have talent, but the drive and passion to push themselves to the top.

Paula is looking for talented, creative, diverse and unique dancers. She's looking for Solos, Duos, Trios & Groups of ALL STYLES, ALL AGES."

See the promo here:

Mao's Last Dancer

I'm also anxiously awaiting the premier of another movie, also about a ballet dancer, that's based on the true story of a Chinese dancer, Li Cunxin, whose defection to the West in 1981 made international headlines. The Australian movie, "Mao's Last Dancer," will premier October 1. Here's the synopsis, from the movie's website.

"Mao's Last Dancer" stars Chi Cao, a gifted dancer and principal at the Birmingham Royal Ballet making his impressive screen debut as Li. Reviews have said this was the best part of the movie - not only is Cao a gifted actor, but it is refreshing to see a real-life ballet dancer playing the role of a ballet dancer. Finally, we can see the entire body dancing, and not just from the waist down or up!

"Based on Li's best selling autobiography, the movie is the epic story of a young poverty stricken boy from China and his inspirational journey to international stardom as a world-class dancer. The story begins when a young Li is taken from his peasant home by the Chinese government and chosen to study ballet in Beijing.  Separated from his family and enduring countless hours of practice, Li struggles to find his place in the new life he has been given.  Gaining confidence from a kind teacher's encouraging guidance and a chance trip to America, Li finally discovers that his passion has always been dance.

"Mao's Last Dancer" weaves a moving tale about the quest for freedom and the courage it takes to live your own life.  The film poignantly captures the struggles, triumphs and the intoxicating effects of first love and celebrity amid the pain of exile."

Here are some interesting reviews that are worth reading!
Christan Science Monitor
Wall Street Journal

Black Swan

December 1 is a long time to wait for the much anticipated dance movie, "Black Swan", starring Natalie Portman. I have yet to see a movie with Natalie that I didn't like, and and I don't think this movie will disappoint either. It's the first movie about a dancer that's dark and thrilling - finally something totally different and so creative!

Here's the synopsis, from
"Black Swan" follows the story of Nina (Portman), a ballerina in a New York City ballet company whose life, like all those in her profession, is completely consumed with dance. She lives with her retired ballerina mother Erica (Barbara Hershey) who zealously supports her daughter’s professional ambition. When artistic director Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) decides to replace prima ballerina Beth MacIntyre (Winona Ryder) for the opening production of their new season, Swan Lake, Nina is his first choice. But Nina has competition: a new dancer, Lily (Kunis), who impresses Leroy as well. Swan Lake requires a dancer who can play both the White Swan with innocence and grace, and the Black Swan, who represents guile and sensuality. Nina fits the White Swan role perfectly but Lily is the personification of the Black Swan. As the two young dancers expand their rivalry into a twisted friendship, Nina begins to get more in touch with her dark side with a recklessness that threatens to destroy her.

And from Fox Searchlight Pictures: "Black Swan" takes a thrilling and at times terrifying journey through the psyche of a young ballerina whose starring role as the duplicitous swan queen turns out to be a part for which she becomes frighteningly perfect.

Here's the trailer:

Monday, August 2, 2010

College Dance Guide

Dance Magazine has just released their 2010-2011 College Dance Guide. This is perfect for you high school students who are thinking of majoring or even minoring in dance. 

Here's what it offers:
  • Detailed dance degree program profiles
  • State by state address book
  • Comparison chart of program stats, tuition rates, audition dates and deadlines
  • Articles about life as a dance major from college students and faculty
  • Post-college career advice
  • Bonus! Special Graduate Study Section: M.A., M.F.A., PhD programs