Friday, December 3, 2010

An American in Moscow - 15 year old Joins Bolshoi Ballet

James Hill for The New York Times
Joy Womack, an American student at the Bolshoi academy in Moscow, preparing to go onstage in an end-of-term performance. She moved to Russia on her own last year at 15.

Here's more inspiration for you hard-working dancers out there who need a little boost to get through some grueling rehearsals, classes and performances. Here's the incredible story about 15-year-old Joy Womack, who left the comforts of Texas to join Bolshoi Ballet's school, even learning Russian and all of Bolshoi's rigorous ways for her dream to dance in the company. Her talents lie not only in dancing, but in determination, discipline and ambition. Not everyone is born with this kind of drive!

Here's a slideshow of her life there.

And an article that the New York Times ran about her: "Young Americans Embrace Rigors of Bolshoi"

Read questions that readers submitted to Joy, and her answers: Ask the Dancers: Young Americans in Russia Respond

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