Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finis Jhung Instructional Videos

I really enjoy watching Finis Jhung's instructional videos. He is a famous teacher who has devoted his post-dance career to teaching professional dancers in New York City. He has an amazing ability to break down ballet into simple, easy to understand steps so that everyone can learn. I am considering attending his weekend workshop this August in NYC.

Here's his bio from his website - Since 1972, Finis Jhung has been one of New York's most sought-after teachers because of his singular ability to make ballet accessible to dancers of all talents, ages, and body types. His innovative teaching techniques are based on years of studying the world's best dancers in performance and on video and finding that these extraordinary artists prepare for balances, turns, and jumps in ways not taught in the traditional ballet class.

Here is a video teaching partnering techniques for the Nutcracker grand pas de deux.

Here is another, breaking down center work, showing how even beginners can do more interesting floor work than standing in one spot and repeating.

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