Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Test Your Ballet Knowledge

I found what I thought was a easy, little ballet quiz on But to my surprise, the questions were not terribly easy! Take the quiz and see how well you do, then Google the things you didn't know. Thankfully, I knew that croisé devant is a position of the legs, that fouetté means whipped, and that Serenade is not a ballet of the Romantic era (remember - it's a Balanchine ballet).

Here are some things you may not know...

What was Lincoln Kirstein's relationship to New York City Ballet? 
Have a guess yet? He was a writer, art connoiseur, and cultural figure in NYC who then became the Managing Director of the Ballet.

Which composer worked most closely with Sergei Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes?
I guessed Igor Stravinsky, just because he's the one of the most well-known ballet composers, and got lucky, because it was right!

Where did the Vaganova method originate?
If you guessed Russia, you are correct! It was started by a woman named Agrippina Vaganova.

Choreographer William Forsythe is celebrated for which style of ballet?
 Contemporary. He is quite a prolific choreographer and is still living today.

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