Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Glee Actress Heather Morris

I don't know about you, but I'm nuts about Glee! There's something about musicals where everyone breaks out into random song and dance all at the same time that gets in your bones. And I can't get enough of Sue Sylvester's sarcasm and hilarious lines. Even though it's much more about music than dancing, Glee actress Heather Morris, who plays the ditzy blonde Cheerio cheerleader Brittany, was on the cover of Dance Spirit this month because she is also a dancer. In fact, she toured with Beyonce from 2007-08 and got her start on Glee by teaching the cast the choreography to "Single Ladies"!

Here's a video of Heather performing "Single Ladies" with Beyonce!

Check out this fun video where you can watch her photo shoot, hear her advice on getting into show business and what it's like to be on Glee.

Here's the article than ran in the magazine about her.

The Road to "Glee": Heather Morris Makes Her Mark in Hollywood
Kate Lydon | May 1, 2010

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